Baker Design Group - Hamilton - Dallas, TX“What you did to my house is so amazing that I can’t fully describe my gratitude. You not only made our home better, but you have made our lives better. We are both so very happy and we think you performed magic. Bill came home from work and was looking around admiring everything and he called it the “cuckoo house” because it is cuckoo how beautiful you made it. Our friends came over for a glass of champagne after you left and their jaws dropped with awe when they walked in. They really freaked out when they saw “The Wall” in the bedroom. They thought it looked like a piece of art and she had to have the info on the wallpaper so I had it and gave it to her. She kept raving over the Blakely Bering piece and you guys were so right about that I had to have it. It is the most stunning and glamorous thing in the house I have just decided. There is not anything in the house that we don’t love, the colors, the furniture, the accessories, drapes, furniture arrangement. When we were looking at the guest bathroom Bill said he especially liked that floral arrangement. I’m so lucky that even though he’s just a Bubba sort of guy he does appreciate good design. I will say that I prayed to find a good designer and then I found you guys, then I prayed everything would look fantastic. I want you to know that I have never had my prayers answered so well.”