Baker Design Group - Tony Spino - VP/GM The Frisco Bar“My name is Tony Spino, I am the Co-Owner and General Manager of The Frisco Bar (TFB) in Frisco Texas. I am writing this letter on behalf of Linda baker and Baker Design Group. (Linda was the individual that did all the interior design work for TFB. We asked her to provide us with an upscale, warm and welcoming atmosphere, a place where you can come dressed as you are and enjoy an evening out with friends. I am pleased to say that she has done a fabulous job at accomplishing this. I wouldn’t think twice about using her services for future projects. If you have an opportunity to have her work for you I know that you will be more than impressed. Please call me anytime if you have any questions or concerns concerning her abilities or talents.)” Sincerely, Tony Spino