“I woke up early this morning and was sitting in my living room drinking coffee and enjoying how beautiful my house is. I waited 7 years for this living room……and it was worth the wait! The colors are perfect -and having the lake in background makes it even better!! Thank you again for making it breathtaking beautiful!” read more

Dreggar – Frisco, TX

“The Baker Design Group did a complete turnkey job from design to installation that exceeded our expectations. It made the spirit of Christmas come alive in our home. Everyone who saw it was very complimentary. Thank you Linda!” read more

Wilkins – Dallas

Baker Design Group - Benitoa - Allen, TX“Thank you for our absolutely gorgeous living space. We love it so much and look forward to enjoying many years in it. Andy was so surprised when he came home. I don’t think he was prepared for what he saw. He couldn’t stop smiling!!! In the beginning he was very apprehensive about using a designer. After seeing the finished product he definitely understands the benefit in having your services. We couldn’t be happier!!! It’s hard to believe that this is our home. Thank you for making it such a stunning one to come home to!” read more

Benitoa – Allen, TX