Baker Design Group - CIS Group - Southlake, TX“CIS Group first utilized Baker Design to decorate our office space at Christmas time. The smiles on our employees’ faces were brighter than the lights on the tree. The office truly became a Christmas masterpiece. And, the ease of the decorations being placed and then taken down and stored made it all the more worthwhile. Shortly thereafter, we moved into a new office space in Southlake, Texas and Linda and her team took over and, again, created a comfortable and beautiful work environment. Each visitor to our office immediately compliments us on our warm reception area and is continually asking about our interior decorator—I’m always proud to say, Baker Design Group. Thank you Linda and team for taking the ball and running with it. Your ease, skill, and efforts are appreciated and loved each day!” read more

CIS Group – Southlake, TX

Baker Design Group - Prince - Plano, TX“Working with Linda and her team is like working with Family. I love her and each and every one of her staff members. They all have phenomenal personalities, great insight to offer and work together famously. I highly suggest her and her company to anyone that is looking to fill their decorative needs. They are a one stop shop that can fulfill all of your dreams. We started our business relationship over 2 years ago working on just trying to upgrade my current décor with some higher end items. She helped me with ideas and suggestions and allowed me to work with her every step of the way. I am the type of person that prides herself in being good at decorating, however I realized I had reached my potential and needed an extra set of eyes and expertise. I am a very hands on client and she has been super supportive of that throughout every process we have worked on together. Over the years we have grown into to very dear friends and when my biggest job to date came up, I would trust it to no one else. We recently just completed the decoration of our Lake House and guest house. We worked together and brought in everything from the couches to soap dishes, with this being a second home my husband and I had nothing to start with. This was a huge undertaking and a massive job that they took on, and got it completed in the timeframe we needed. They made our lake house a true second home. It has the coziness and warmth that I wanted while still having the style and elegance I was looking for. Every person that has seen it has not only been amazed at how it looks but also the time frame we were able to complete it in. Thank you Linda Baker Design Group for making my homes truly wonderful and welcoming to not only my family but to all the families I welcome into them. I love you all so much and look forward to many great years to come.” Allison and Todd Prince Plano, TX and Lake Cypress Springs read more

Prince – Plano, TX

Baker Design Group - Hamilton - Dallas, TX“What you did to my house is so amazing that I can’t fully describe my gratitude. You not only made our home better, but you have made our lives better. We are both so very happy and we think you performed magic. Bill came home from work and was looking around admiring everything and he called it the “cuckoo house” because it is cuckoo how beautiful you made it. Our friends came over for a glass of champagne after you left and their jaws dropped with awe when they walked in. They really freaked out when they saw “The Wall” in the bedroom. They thought it looked like a piece of art and she had to have the info on the wallpaper so I had it and gave it to her. She kept raving over the Blakely Bering piece and you guys were so right about that I had to have it. It is the most stunning and glamorous thing in the house I have just decided. There is not anything in the house that we don’t love, the colors, the furniture, the accessories, drapes, furniture arrangement. When we were looking at the guest bathroom Bill said he especially liked that floral arrangement. I’m so lucky that even though he’s just a Bubba sort of guy he does appreciate good design. I will say that I prayed to find a good designer and then I found you guys, then I prayed everything would look fantastic. I want you to know that I have never had my prayers answered so well.”

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Hamilton – Dallas, TX

“I woke up early this morning and was sitting in my living room drinking coffee and enjoying how beautiful my house is. I waited 7 years for this living room……and it was worth the wait! The colors are perfect -and having the lake in background makes it even better!! Thank you again for making it breathtaking beautiful!” read more

Dreggar – Frisco, TX

“The Baker Design Group did a complete turnkey job from design to installation that exceeded our expectations. It made the spirit of Christmas come alive in our home. Everyone who saw it was very complimentary. Thank you Linda!” read more

Wilkins – Dallas

Baker Design Group - Benitoa - Allen, TX“Thank you for our absolutely gorgeous living space. We love it so much and look forward to enjoying many years in it. Andy was so surprised when he came home. I don’t think he was prepared for what he saw. He couldn’t stop smiling!!! In the beginning he was very apprehensive about using a designer. After seeing the finished product he definitely understands the benefit in having your services. We couldn’t be happier!!! It’s hard to believe that this is our home. Thank you for making it such a stunning one to come home to!” read more

Benitoa – Allen, TX